About Acupuncture Works!

When it comes to Weight Loss, Acupuncture Works! not only offers the ITG Program, but a total support system which includes Counseling and a Specialized Lymphatic Massage/Acupuncture Treatment. This treatment not only activates the Lymphatic System to drain out toxins, it is also geared to help the body metabolize built up hormones and to calm the Sympathetic Nervous System to ease the stress of everyday life.

The practice includes Licensed Acupuncturist Katie Schalberg, Licensed Massage Therapists Kyleigh Huntsman, Brandee Beers, and Aly Welch. ITG Coach Heidi Wrobel has almost 5 years of weight loss coaching under her belt and has helped so many achieve their goals. 

Staff Members:

Katie Schalberg, Licensed Acupuncturist
Heidi Wrobel, Weight Loss Counselor
Brandee Beers, Licensed Massage Therapist
Kyleigh Huntsman, Licensed Massage Therapist
Aly Welch, Licensed Massage Therapist